GANNI delivers world-class customer experiences!

Ganni have been measuring their customer experience with Better Business for six years. They measure the customer experience at all their stores as a part of the job of ensuring the omni experience, as omni is a core part of their retail strategy

With stores all over their goal is to deliver the best luxury experience in both stores and online, and Better Business’s concept, Superb Service, shows that Ganni is reaching their goal successfully.

Superb Service is the final question in all our surveys. Where the shoppers can answer if they received customer experience that was high above their expectations. Our quality team thoroughly reviews all reports to ensure content and of course if criteria for Superb Service diploma has been achieved.   

The Superb Service achievement is a fantastic tool. It really gives the staff an acknowledgement of the great work they do and makes them feel pride in their line of work. For the managers it is a great way to enhance good examples internally.”, Lina Schölin, CEO Better Business. 

The process to reach Superb Service makes it tough for the employees to go through the quality team’s trained eye. Despite the refined process of the award, Ganni is collecting more awards than ever seen and the explanations for the awards maybe reveals on of the secrets to Gannis world over success. 

 One of Gannis many awards 

” The seller provided me with outstanding service during the whole interaction. They made me feel so comfortable to be shopping with someone so knowledgeable, genuinely pleasant, and down to earth. The suggestions made were fashion forward and very well thought out. The seller made it their mission to make sure I was very well taken care of. I can definitely say the service from my seller was beyond compare and totally worth it” 

The key to success 

We asked Gudny Arnadottir, Retail Operations Coordinator at Ganni, what she believes has been the key for Ganni to succeed in creating such good customer experiences. 

“At GANNI we have such a strong brand identity. The GANNI community is growing and the engagement is incredible. Our universe is bold, colourful, inclusive and fun and we need our stores to reflect that as well. This goes for store design but also our teams.  

The key for our success has been to create one culture that is strong, with GANNI values all team members understand and can identify themselves with. Once we established that, it began to reflect on the customer experiences.”, Gudny Arnadottir.