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Increase customer experience with mystery shopping

Measure your customer service process with mystery shopping, the method where an anonymous person is instructed and acts as an anonymous customer and then report their experience in a detailed and objective manner.

The purpose of mystery shopping is to identify areas that have the potential to be improved by looking at the company from a customer’s perspective. By using mystery shopping the right way you can increase sales, get more satisfied customers, more satisfied employees and thus, a higher profit.

Mystery shopping adds customer perspective

As a method, mystery shopping can measure all contact areas a customer has with your brand. For example, personal visits, mail, phone, web or social media. The shopper conducts the visit and then reports from a customer’s perspective.

Hire a mystery shopper

We pay great importance to create the conditions for a successful mystery shopping program. When you hire us for a mission, we ensure value and quality by choosing:

  • The right shopper – with a profile that mirrors your average customer
  • A scenario that suits you
  • The right method that guarantees an anonymous visit
  • All customers also receive a thorough introduction of the assignment, both through written instructions and via telephone conferences or through a certification test.
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