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Mystery Shopping is the name of the method used when sending an anonymous person, who has been prepared and briefed, to measure different aspects of the client-services process. Having a mystery shopper act as a regular customer and then provide feedback in a detailed and objective manner attains this.

The aim with mystery shopping is to identify potential areas of improvement by viewing the company from a client’s perspective. Companies who use mystery shopping in the right ways can increase their sales, get higher ratings in customer satisfaction, have employees who are happy to work with the company and receive a higher level of profit.

This is what one of our satisfied customers had to say on the value of mystery shopping:

“Following the course of development of our business is no tricky part if one knows how to read figures, but seeing the growth and development of our trademarks worth and how it is developing is far more trickier. Being able to live the brand in the meeting with our clients has been a factor of success which we know will set the grounds for long-lasting and loyal connections to our clients. With the use of mystery shopping, we have been able to track the development of this ”soft data” in an easy and comprehensible way. At the same time, mystery shopping has become a sort of incentive for the staff as they become aware of that management is noticing all excellent approaches to the clients.”

A mystery shopper discovers needs for training and minor problems before they grow into bigger ones. The employees get a chance to see what their behaviour looks like from the perspective of a customer. The company gets a cohesive follow-up of their concept delivery and level of service. This can prove to be invaluable tools for benchmarking as well as for continuously increasing level of output on all levels in an organisation. Myster shopping could also be used as part of a bonus-/awards program and as a part of the company’s Balanced Score Card.

Mystery shopping as a method can measure all levels of contact a client has with it’s surroundings through various media such as real life visits, e-mails, phone calls, online browsing or through social media.

We take great effort into creating the best possible prerequisites for a successful mystery shopping program in collaboration with our clients. We make sure that the profile of the mystery shopper together with the chosen scenario suits our client’s and the method’s needs so as to keep the shopper anonymous. The shopper is carefully selected and the profile always matches the average client of the target company. All shoppers get a thorough introduction of the assignment both through written instructions and via telephone conferences or by completing a test of certificate.