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How is it all done?

At Better Business we work hard to measure and map behaviours and customer relations from the customer’s perspective. Usually, this is done through the mystery shopping methodology, which is an exciting method to use as it measures behaviours specifically, when used correctly.

We are convinced that what you measure, will develop. A question that arises is “but if we do not wish to act the same as everyone else, then why are we measuring the same criteria?” Our ambition is to help your company measure what you consider to be the core features of your business, that which separates you from the rest; Your unique DNA


Defining your DNA

Base everything on the core question of why your company exists, ask yourselves the question on how you wish your customers to view you. Boil this down to a set of key behaviours that makes it possible for your customers to get the service you wish to provide. Set the aim and purpose of the program and add appropriate methods of measurement. We will then enter units in the online platform, finalize the instructions and add scenarios to ensure that the readings will be carried out properly and in accordance with our agreement. To verify that everything is in place, we always run a pilot visit before the launch.


Assess where you are at right now, to establish a point of exit, we refer to it as the “point zero establishment”. This is done so that the starting point is easier to identify and to be able to see the effect after having launched a program. Following this, all employees are always brought in on the project. We plan and carry out a kick-off where points of measure, tools and the results of the “point zero establishment”-pilot are presented. We are convinced that letting the entire organisation in on what is going to happen is at the core for a mystery-shopping program to be successful and this includes both aim and implementations of the program.

Following the introduction of the general staff, we measure continuously and you will be given feedback and results as they roll in. Every report is subject to a thorough control of quality and we repeatedly make sure that the observations made are reported and verified in time to meet our high set standards of quality.


The data is presented pedagogically and is clearly visible for any desired recipient, such as management, board members, regional managers, etc. Some companies chose to account with full transparency to make sure that the aims of the organisation are clear and visible to everyone. The questions used by the shopper should not be kept a secret from the employees. Instead they should act as information for what the company deems as important and if possible, it has proven highly motivational if the employees also get a chance to have some input on the questionnaire. This will also bring about a higher interest in the results of the study.

Every report generates a clear basis for you to be able to identify the positive and to focus in on areas of improvement. This is truly a great tool to utilize when giving feedback on specific events and behaviours with the employees as well as in the organisation as a whole.


In order for the program to be useful and to provide you with what you wish for, it is vital that we keep adjusting the parameters based on current position and desired position. In order to achieve change, all employees have to be on board and receive training in how they are expected to do their job. The results from the measuring will then tell you how you interact with customers, follow the concept of the brand or how well you work with additional sales offers. The surveys map how your company follows your own standards, rules and regulations.

However, this is not enough. You need to continue to work with the results of the survey. It is critical to take the time to review the trends that your program provides and to figure out in what way training and education can help with the interaction from the customer’s perspective so that you truly can say that you live by and radiate your aim and your DNA.