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Hard to tell where to begin or how to proceed with your transformation?

After having helped companies for 20 years with measuring and mapping service-processes we feel confident in our ability to deliver relevant data in order to increase the knowledge about your customers and how they perceive all interaction with your company.

However, to fully achieve change we also believe that it is important that you, as a company, clearly define what is to be measured and how you turn the company’s core, your DNA, into parameters or key behaviour, which is measurable. We are also firm believers of that sometimes you need to take a step back and ask why you are measuring, what you are measuring and most important if you are using the data properly to improve the results. To offer our clients a true 360-package for improvement, we have chosen to collaborate with spearhead-competence in the fields we feel important.

We have enlisted the best of the best!

We often see that our clients have industry-specific challenges as well as general questions and challenges. We have therefore chosen to join teams with people who have experiences from a vast range of different professional roles, backgrounds as well as competence which has lead to the fact that Better Business now can accept contracts from various industries, such as: retail, hotels, restaurants, care facilities, tourism, banking and finance as well as the public sector and authorities.