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The possibility to compare oneself with the competition is something many companies desire. Our system offers the possibility to review difference in ranking (diagrams, short analysis and ranking lists) between units within the same organisation. These rankings usually serve as a great incentive for the employees to perform a tad bit better than the rest of the colleagues or even better than the company itself.

If you are curious about finding out how you meet the competition we could offer you an analysis of competition based on your requests for items such as brand concept, range, function, waiting time, meet-and-greet, price and sales technique.

Every year we also compile The Smiling Report. The report contains data from customer service outlets from a wide range of industries, all collected by mystery shoppers who are with professional mystery shopping companies all around the world. All companies participating in the study are also members of the MSPA.

This year’s report sums up data from 2014 based on the answers from more than 1.7 million questions on smiles, greetings and additional sales in 69 countries.

Do you want to know more? Read the report here: