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Measuring Mystery Shopping

All companies of today have some sort of contact with their customers, suppliers or partners. All these opportunities to contact can be measured through private consumers or as professionals using representatives for small and large companies.

Mystery shopping can be applied to all fields of commerce, for example:

  • Markets
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Tourism
  • Car dealerships
  • Banking- and insurance corporations
  • Public care and nursery

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Shopping Program

A mystery shopping program is most often developed based on the standards, aim, and concept of the company in question. Benchmarking is then only available to different units and hierarchies within the company. However, as many companies take an interest in comparing with the competition in the same market, we have developed a standard routine for this.

A mystery shopping program that has been reported does not measure the performance of one single staff member but instead, it measures the leadership and the positions management takes. The manager is responsible for recruitment, introduction, training and support for the general staff. Mystery shopping is hence only measuring how well the manager has succeeded in being a team leader and reviewing areas of improvement.

Evaluation and measuring performance can be used as a basis for rewards. We do, however, always try to remind our clients that the employees have to perceive the awards program as something fair and motivating. We have many ideas and thoughts regarding awards and incentives – only one’s imagination sets the limits!