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Begin by filling out the profile in BeOnline. This is to enable us to better match your criteria with the image of the average customer of our client. We want to know about your current and previous jobs so that we can avoid scheduling you with a client that you used to work for or with a competitor of your current company. In order to get your salary to your bank account, you need to keep your data updated in the “Payment” tab.

In BeOnline you can view the available assignments by clicking the link “Available assignments”. This is where you can browse the assignments that are available in your area and you apply for the ones you find interesting. In some cases, our project coordinators will contact you with assignments we feel would fit your profile.

When you have been assigned to a project, we want you to read through the instructions, the scenario and questionnaire to better understand what is expected of you and what to evaluate during the actual visit.

Many times we also demand that you partake in an oral briefing over the phone with the project coordinator. You will get an overview of the assignment and get the chance to ask any questions you might have on the assignment.

Completing the assignment

Now is the time to complete the assignment. This could imply that you visit a store, make a phone call, visit a webpage or sitting down in a restaurant.

It is vital for us that you complete the assignments on time and that you file your report in our system as our clients are expecting to receive the report on how their employees have performed. If you cannot complete the assignment, for various reasons, you need to contact us as soon as possible so we have a fair chance of scheduling someone else.

When executing your assignment it is of the utmost importance that you follow the set guidelines for what to observe and that you do not provoke, cause trouble or make a scene. Simply act as you would do should you have been an actual customer and follow the set scenario.

You file your report by answering the questionnaire, either in our app or in our online system using your computer. In most cases, filing the report has to be done within 24 hours after completing the visit but this can of course vary depending on the scenario at hand. This information is found in the instructions attached to the assignment.

Be advised that employees and management at the company that have hired our services will read your comments. Make sure your tone and language is concrete and that your observations are objective.