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General information

What is Mystery Shopping?
Mystery shopping is used to test company service in real time. Mystery shoppers observe carefully before, during and after the visit and note how the company acts on the specific areas that the company has chosen to focus on. Mystery Shopping can be done in person, via e-mail or telephone, via mail or Internet. (2004-02-14)
What companies use Mystery Shopping?
Mystery Shopping can be used in all areas where information, services or goods are sold. All companies that have contact with customers, suppliers and collaboration partners can use mystery shopping to follow up on how the company and its services are perceived by their customers. (2004-02-14).
Why do companies use Mystery Shoppers?
To evaluate, secure and improve quality and service. This is the foundation for improving and changing service and profitability. (2004-02-14).
Who reads the Mystery Shopper’s report?
When the report is sent to Better Business it is reviewed by the Project Manager or Project Assistant. The results are then compiled and sent to the Client. In most companies that use Mystery Shoppers the results are available for both management and staff. (2004-02-14)
What is involved in being a Mystery Shopper?
It is not a full time engagement, it is perfect to combine with studies or another job since you often can choose when to do the assignments. The Mystery Shopper has to be thorough and follow the rules on not disclosing the information to anyone. Read more about salary here. (2004-02-14)
As a Mystery Shopper you sign a confidentiality agreement and promise not to spread any information about the assignment or the client, more information about the contract. (2004-02-14)
How shall a Mystery Shopper behave/act during visits and calls?
It is EXTREMELY important that the shopper blend in to the crowd of regular Customers, that she/he does not take any initiatives that can affect the employee’s behavior in any way. The shopper shall not do the evaluation based on his/her own opinion since the shopper should not be a consultant nor specialist in the trade, instead evaluate the FACTS and report about what happened and did not happened and what was said and was not said. All shoppers must act in the same way so the reports will be comparable. The shopper should not be demanding, critical or difficult, or in any way catch attention or influence the sales talk or events during the visit. The purpose of Mystery Shopping is to measure how the average Customer is treated. (2006-02-02).
How is my personal information used?
Only the staff members at Better Business have access to your personal information. The information is not given or sold to any other company or any client without your permission. (2004-02-14)
How do I deregister?
Send an e-mail to unsub@betterbusiness.se with your name and the e-mail address that you used to register in BAFF ONLINE. (2004-12-28)
What equipment do I need?
To be able carry out on assignments you need a PC with Internet connection, an e-mail address, printer and basic computer skills. The software you need is Microsoft Word, Excel and Acrobat Reader. (2004-02-14)
Who is suitable to be a Mystery Shopper?
Anyone can register as a Mystery Shopper. We want all kinds of mystery shoppers and everyone is welcome to register in BeOnline.  For each assignment the person who best suits the profile will be chosen. (2004-02-14)


What is BeOnline?
It is our web based system for assignments, personal information, applications, scheduling and reporting. When you have registered in BeOnline you will get access to see all available assignments. (2004-02-14)
How do I get a username and password?
When you visit the login page for the first time you click on “Sign up as mystery shopper/Ansökan”. You will be able to choose your own username and password. If you have registered but forgot your password click on ”Glömt lösenord?”/”Forgot password?”, then your password will be sent via e-mail to the address that you registered in BeOnline (2004-02-14)
How do I enter my information in BeOnline?
Click on ” Sign up as mystery shopper/Ansökan” at the top of the login page to register. Enter your information; choose username and password and enter all the required information. When you have finished click on save, thereafter you may add CV, references, photo and other personal information. (2004-02-14).
Who will update my personal information?
You are responsible for updating Your personal information in BeOnline. It is especially important that You update Your postal address, e-mail address and telephone number if they change, so we can reach You. (2004-12-28).
How do I update my information?
You can login at any time to change your personal information in BeOnline (post address, e-mail address, employments, educations, references, photo and so on). (2004-02-14)
Why do I need to have a completed CV and references?
We have to be able to match the right shopper with the current assignment. We want to know what experience the shopper has in the area of business to be able to find the shopper that best suits each assignment. If you have worked for a Market Research- or Mystery Shopping company, you have to state company names and periods in your CV. (2004-09-25)
Who should I have as a reference?
Preferably a manager from your two most current/longest employments. If you don’t have references from earlier employments you may have a person that knows you well; for example a teacher, trainer or board member of an organization that you are involved in. If you have worked for a Market Research- or Mystery Shopping company, you have to state references to them. (2004-09-25)

Problem solving

I cannot login?
If you cannot connect to the page https://www.betterbusiness.se/ the site is not available at the moment, please try again later. If you go to the login page, enter the correct username and password but cannot login you might need to adjust the security settings in Microsoft Internet Explorer. In the browser menu choose Tools -> Internet-Options. To accept cookies from Better Business go to Privacy and add https://www.betterbusiness.se/ to the list with trusted websites, click on Allow. Save the settings and restart the web browser. Try to login again. (2004-06-15)

Why do I need to sign a contract?
The contract is a mutual assurance regarding rights and obligations, for example how compensation will be paid to the Mystery Shopper. Another important part is the confidentiality rules that all Mystery Shoppers must follow. (2004-02-14)
Where do I find the agreement?
The agreement is in BeOnline, click on Agreement at the top of the page. (2004-02-14)

How much will I be paid?
It varies from 40 SEK for a short telephone call and 100 SEK or more for a visit (depending on the nature of the assignment). For shoppers based in Sweden, 30% tax is deducted and Better Business pays social security costs. All other nationalities are responsible for their own tax and social security payments. (2008-03-25)
What work obligation do I have as a Mystery Shopper?
You are only obliged to perform the visits that you have confirmed in BeOnline. You have to read through the guidelines and checklist and then contact us for a telephone briefing before you do the assignment. You are responsible for performing the assignment as instructed in the guidelines and for sending the report to us on time. If you cannot carry out the assignment you have to notify us as soon as possible.
What rights do I have as a Mystery Shopper?
You only apply for assignments that you are interested in. You have the right to decline a visit, but you have to do it as soon as possible. You have the right to the agreed payment if you have done the assignment as instructed. You can deregister from BeOnline when you wish by calling or sending an e-mail to Better Business. (2004-02-14)
When and how do I get paid?
Salaries are paid on the 25th the month after you have done the assignment. The payment is made to the bank account you stated on your agreement. If you have your own company please see the information below regarding invoices. (2004-02-14)
Can I send an invoice if I have an independent company? (Sweden)
Better Business World Wide, Sweden cannot accept invoices from mystery shoppers. However, BBWW has the procedure “self-billing” (självfakturering) available for mystery shoppers with a company, which is registered for VAT in Sweden and has an “F-skattsedel”.

BBWW uses the information in BeOnlinee to make an invoice, where BBWW is the Buyer and the mystery shoppers Company is the Seller. You print the invoice from BAFF-online and check that it is correct. The amount will automatically be paid on the 25th the month following your visit.

If you have any objections on the invoice you have to get in touch with us for correction. The invoice from BBWW is used in your book keeping just like an ordinary invoice.

Self-billing is allowed by the Swedish Tax Authorities under the following conditions:
• Buyer and Seller has made an agreement that the Buyer shall send the invoice
• It is stated on the invoice that it is sent by the Buyer
• A routine for approval of the invoice exists. For approval, it is enough if the Seller doesn’t object to the invoice.(2006-04-07)
What does the professional secrecy mean?
All information about Better Business concept, clients, rules, guidelines, checklists, reports, events and results regarding the assignment is confidential and should be regarded as Better Business company secrets. In the case a Mystery Shopper disclose this information to third party the Mystery Shopper must pay compensation to Better Business in the amount corresponding to the damage Better Business suffered. (2004-02-14)
What responsibility do I have as a Mystery Shopper?
You are responsible for carrying out the assignments you have confirmed and to always give truthful, complete information to Better Business and in your Mystery Shopping reports. (2004-02-14)
Do I have to report my salary from Better Business on my income-tax return form?
Yes. (2004-02-14).
Do I have to notify the unemployment insurance fund?
You need to contact them and discuss this. (2004-02-14).
How much tax is deducted?
30% tax is deducted, starting from the first assignment, in Sweden and Norway. In other countries the shopper is responsible for paying tax. (2004-02-14)
How is social charges paid?
Better Business pays the social charges for the persons that receive salary. If you invoice you pay the social charges yourself.
What job security do I have?
You have the right to carry out the assignments that you have been scheduled for. Note that this is not an “ordinary” job that you will be able to do full time. Instead it is a perfect complement to another occupation; studies, parental leave or having your own company etc. (2004-02-14)
Will I get reimbursed for travel expenses when doing an assignment?
No, we only schedule Mystery Shoppers that can do the visit without travel expenses. We count on that you do not have to travel to do the visit, instead apply for visits where you live or locations that you travel to anyway. If we, in exceptional cases, are unable to find a shopper locally we might offer to pay your travel expenses. In these cases the cost for travelling needs to be agreed before the visit is carried out and confirmed in writing by Better Business, otherwise no compensation will be paid. (2004-02-14)
How will I be paid for possible expenses?
Approved expenses over 500 SEK will be reimbursed as soon as possible after the receipt is received by the respective Better Business office and verified by the project manager. If the amount is less than 500 SEK it will be paid in connection to the salary/invoice. Only expenses approved by the project manager can be reimbursed. (2006-04-07)
Can I receive payment for a visit that is not verified with a receipt or similar?
No, all visits have to be verified with either a receipt, the sales persons business card or similar. In the guidelines for the respective assignment, You can read more about how/when You have to save and send the verification to BETTER BUSINESS. (2005-06-15)
Can I carry out Mystery Shopping assignments for several companies?
Yes you can, but remember that all information about us and information about our Clients are strictly confidential. (2004-02-14)
Can I tell others that I have done Mystery Shopping for Better Business?
Yes, we would like you to tell others that you have carried out assignments, what Mystery Shopping is and what kind of areas Better Business operate in. But You may NEVER tell anyone which companies/stores you have visited as a Mystery Shopper. You are not allowed to give out information about the checklist, guidelines or your experience/evaluation from the visits. (2004-02-14)

How often can I get assignments where I live?
It varies, mostly depending on what location(s) you are able to visit. Most common is that you are not allowed to visit the same unit/store more than every third month. (2004-02-14)
How much time does it take to perform a visit?
It varies. The actual visit to a store might take 20 minutes but with preparations, visit and reporting for an average visit it might take 90 minutes the first time, then about 60 minutes when you are more experienced. A phone call or web visit might only take 1-2 minutes for the actual “visit”. (2004-02-14)
Do I have to make a PURCHASE when I do the visit?
It depends on the assignment. Sometimes a purchase is made and you will of course be reimbursed for your expenses. (2004-02-14)
How do I sign up for an assignment?
You have to be active and login to BeOnline now and then. On the right side you will find the current assignments. Click on the assignments to get information and if you fit the profile and would like to carry out the assignment fill out an application of interest and send it in. (2004-02-14)
How will I get training/instructed?
All shoppers will get briefing by telephone before they do a new visit. At the briefing we will go through the assignment together. You will get an opportunity to make sure that you understand the guidelines and checklist correctly. It is important that you have read through the material before you call for briefing. Often the briefing is done one on one with the shopper and Project Manager. Sometimes the briefing is done with several shoppers at the same time in a telephone conference. (2004-02-14)
Briefing – Telephone conference
If several shoppers needs briefing at the same time a telephone conference will be organized. If that is the case you will get instructions in the visit information in BeOnline. You will get the time, date and telephone number to call. When you get through you enter a specific code (also stated in BeOnline or sent by e-mail) to enter the conference. Always introduce yourself with name and location when entering the conference. (2004-02-14)
Grades on Mystery Shoppers
We grade all Mystery Shopper reports in BeOnline and the scale is 1-10. The grades are available for the shopper and for the Project Manager. If you want to receive high grades, carefully check out the “Checklist for checklist”. (2004-02-14)
We would like to become better and improve BeOnline!
We are very grateful for advice on how to improve and make BeOnline more effective. Please send us an e-mail to info@betterbusiness.se . We want to be the best Mystery Shopping company in the Nordic countries and we always want to improve our services!
Information about cookies
According to Swedish law we have to inform the visitors to our website about what cookies are used for and how to refuse them. A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer when you login to BeOnline. This cookie is sent between your computer and the server where the web site is hosted. The cookie is used to identify you so you get the correct information. If your web browser does not allow cookies you will not be able to login. You can read more about how to accept cookies here. (2004-06-15)