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We offer a wide range of assignments. They range from visiting a clothes outfitter, a retirement home or a restaurant to calling customer services or performing exit-interviews outside a supermarket. We offer assignments all over Sweden and always aim to match the average customer, which entails that we need all kinds of people as shoppers. As one of our more seasoned shoppers put it: “There’s something for everyone”. Read more Being a mystery shopper is not a full time job but fits someone who is looking to earn some extra cash or someone who would like to be reimbursed for a product they were set to purchase anyhow. Many of our shoppers see it as a fun way to gain insight in the development of new products, service and companies. A faithful shopper who has been with us for over two decades said, in short: “One gets a more exciting life!” And to be honest, who doesn’t want that? Read more All assignments are reimbursed differently depending on the nature of the task at hand. It comes down to parameters like time spent, effort, scope and if the shopper has to wait for the client to get back to the shopper or not. However, most of the assignments range from 50kr for a phone call up to 400kr for a more extensive visit with more preparation and points of measure. We deduct tax and pay employment fees for every shopper/assignment. Read more

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Said by other Mystery Shoppers

”I am a mystery shopper for many different reasons. One part is to maintain my connection to the life of a professional but also to get some extra cash. Many of the assignments are very stimulating. I enjoy the connection with other people and the interaction that occurs during some assignments.”


“I execute assignments as they are a fast and easy way to up your pay grade. I have seen so many interesting things while on missions in the Norrland region and have had a lot of fun doing them. The people at Better Business are always very helpful and welcoming.”


“I do mystery shopping as it is a challenging and varied source of extra income which is easily combined with my academic studies. The best part about doing the assignments is that I get the chance to influence the service level at various companies. Every assignment is unique and this is the key to making them all enjoyable and exciting for me.”


“I use mystery shopping assignments to provide variation to my day job. I work a lot with routes and planning them plus the time I get to myself when driving and then getting to visit new places is what makes this job worthwhile. The feeling of responsibility, that what I am doing is of great value is also a contributing factor.”


“Being a mystery shopper entails meeting new people all the time. You get great insight in how the meeting between a customer and the employee should look like. Also, being able to travel and experiencing new things while getting paid is in short the recipe for a more exciting life.”


”I mystery shop because I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs and know the importance of getting feedback. The most thrilling part of every assignment is that you never know what is going to happen. Every assignment is an experience in itself.”


“The best part of mystery shopping is being able to combine business with pleasure. It is of great importance that companies are aware of how their customers are treated and at the same time I really enjoy carrying out the assignments. The range and variation with the assignments is also a great factor, there is something for everyone!”


“I have been a mystery shopper for over 20 years now and I still enjoy the assignments, that should speak for itself. Meeting new people and seeing new environments is exciting to me. Once you have become a part of mystery shopping it affects your life in the sense that you really appreciate great service on a personal level even more than before.”


“It is a great way of earning some extra cash. I am off to New York in a short while and this is all paid with earning from working as a mystery shopper.”

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Sometimes, though not so often, we get the oppurtunity to meet you shoppers. It might be because we are located in Vallentuna outside Stockholm and you are spread all over Sweden. However, we strive to meet you and arranges shopper meetings all around Sweden.
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